Bobby Kennedy Tells a Joke

Senator Robert F. Kennedy in Albany, New York on September 19, 1964 (Credit: Albany Times-Union) Living in the long public shadow of John F. Kennedy, his younger brother Robert, had a difficult time. Robert was the thoughtful, less “spur of the moment type”, than his elder brother, and at the start of his public career, was not known for memorable public speaking. Words did not come easy for one who pondered meaning, tense and expression. In September of 1957, Robert F. Kennedy visited Albany, New York to deliver a speech at the New York State Democratic Party Dinner. New York Democrats were a rough and tumble sort – an odd collection of Machine politicos who made their bones on the stree

In the Shadow of Camelot: A Book Review

Bobby Kennedy: A Raging Spirit by Chris Matthews. Simon & Schuster, 416 pages, $28.99 Robert F. Kennedy was born a son of privilege. For much of his short, but vibrant life, he struggled to find his own identity. Kennedy was compelled by family and political consequences to live in the shadow of his older brothers; first the sacrificial war hero Joe Kennedy Jr., and then President John F. Kennedy. His journey to discover his place in the world was not easy. Robert F. Kennedy left his job as a criminal prosecutor to help his brother, John F. Kennedy, run for Congress, the U.S. Senate, and then the Presidency. Controversially, he was rewarded for his efforts with an appointment to the posit

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