Original Civil War Side Drum Dated 1862

Original Civil War Side Drum Dated 1862 Drums were very important to the movement and organization of Civil War armies. Drums sounded calls that helped to cadence an advance, convey the orders of an officer, or redirect lines during the heat of battle. Drums were as important as battle flags in helping to manage a large force during a battle. There are a great variety of drums that were used in the Civil War. Drums range from basic wooden shelled drums with minimal artistic design, to elaborately painted drums that identified their ownership by a specific regiment. This is an original Civil War Drum of standard design with an old label inside the shell identified to “Robert W. Warren” an

Grant's Final Battle

The old general was fighting his final battle. Devastated by financial losses that had wiped out a lifetime of savings, and facing a doctor’s diagnosis of terminal cancer at age 63, the great hero of the Civil War had come to the little cottage in Upstate New York to try and regain his health. Driveway up to Grant Cottage where the former President and Civil War General spent his final days. (Credit: Paulette E. Morgan) Grant Cottage Historic Site photographed on September 24, 2017 (Credit: Bill Howard Photo) General U.S. Grant knew he was dying. Accepting the favor of a friend who owned a Victorian cottage in Upstate New York, he traveled by train from New York City to Saratoga Springs i

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